The importance of ISO standards for contemporary businesses

Having effective and eco-friendly working tools is a must for all contemporary companies. Consumers and governments are relying on brands and retailers to guarantee transparency all through their supply chains. Caring about the environment, efficiency and all our clients and employees, we make sure to implement the latest working tools, equipment, and systems.

ISO 9001 is characterized as the worldwide standard that indicates the requirements for quality management system (QMS), which saves both time and expenses, as well as increase productivity and upgrade customer relationships. By implementing QMS more than a decade ago, clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply ensured the highest standards of management of processes related to product quality and customer satisfaction. By using this system, we are assured that the processes that take place inside the company are well controlled their data is recorded. Following the principles of ISO 9001, clothing factory Audimas Supply constantly improves the day-to-day operations of our company to ensure maximum efficiency, product quality and customer satisfaction.

Sustainability and care for the environment are at the core of our values. Thus, we made sure of receiving an ISO 14001 certificate – the global standard that indicates necessities for a successful environmental management system (EMS). Certification sets out the requirements by which a company can organize its activities in a way that increases efficiency while reducing costs as well as decreasing environmental impact. ISO 14001 affirms effective resource management, reduction of waste and assures that all manufacturing processes align with the environmental ethic.

Furthermore, clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply has acquired the Qima- ethical audit certificate – a comprehensive ethical audit program that is conducted by international standards. The program covers such aspects as hygiene, health, and safety, waste management, employment of the youth, employee representation, disciplinary practices and discrimination, working hours, and salaries. Acquiring such certificates is important part of our never-ending effort to improve our day-to-day work environment, as well as the value we bring to our partners.

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