Modern winter military jackets for Ukrainian soldiers

Modern winter military jackets for Ukrainian soldiers

Audimas Supply is proud to produce warm, modern winter military jackets for Ukrainian soldiers. The total shipment will consist of 20 500 warm military jackets. 1000 jumpers are a special donation from the company to the troops in Ukraine.

The first part of the shipment has already been delivered to Ukraine before Christmas, the second part is on its way and the third part will be delivered by 8 January.

“We are ready to carry out multiple large-scale contracts and have developed advanced clothing technologies designed for freedom fighters,” said Inga Dumbliauskienė, the CEO of Audimas Supply.

“We thank Lithuanian businesses for their solidarity with a country that is defending itself against the aggression of the occupiers and fighting for its freedom. In this challenging time, all Lithuanian people of goodwill stand together with Ukraine, and even a small amount of help can be vital,” said Minister of Lithuanian National Defense Arvydas Anušauskas.

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