Audimas Supply for enduring defense – the launch of GUARD collection

Audimas Supply – one of Europe’s leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers joins efforts with experts of the armed forces of Lithuania to create a power clothing line for defense and leisure activities. As a socially responsible company, Audimas Supply values meaningful collaborations. It is a way for us to make an impact and create a better change that matters. 30 years of industry experience has taught us expertise in the field and we are not limiting our manufacturing services to one area. Being a company that values traditions and commitment to home country, we are proud to be a professional partner and supplier for Lithuanian Forces.

GUARD – the collection for militarized appearance

Innovations and strong partnerships are fundamental values of the clothing factory Audimas Supply. Combining traditions and latest industry developments is our way to proceed forward. Audimas Supply has been a partner of military, police, other security agencies of Lithuania.

GUARD collection is a militarized clothing line created exclusively for professional officers and lovers of outdoor activities. The collection is advanced in quality and tailored to meet specific defense apparel needs.

Partnership with Baltic Shooter

Baltic Shooter is a well-known army shop specialising in military clothing, equipment, weapon accessories. We chose to create GUARD militarized clothing collection with them and it resulted in high-quality tailored wears.

Audimas Supply together with partners are bringing a warrior spirit to clothing design, as well as choosing highest quality supply and adapting functional design. The philosophy behind creating a functional militarized wear is that a body is its own thermostat and generates warmth on its own. Therefore, militarized clothing is layered to help body regulate its processes more effectively and be comfortable to wear.

Ready for international market

By implementing innovation, sustainable practices, high quality service and operational excellence into GUARD militarized clothing collection we were able to deliver qualified and excellent products. Our tactical apparel is the result of competence in the field, creativity, latest in-house technologies and meaningful partnerships.

We are strong and ready to deliver  GUARD not only to a local customer but also internationally. Being one of the industry leaders and combining strengths with professional partners, Audimas Supply strives to reach global goals.

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