Audimas Supply – a team that makes things happen

Audimas Supply – a team that makes things happen

Audimas Supply – a leading sportswear manufacturer in Europe – is proud of its people. After all, it is our dear colleagues who tackle everyday challenges and navigate the industry of clothing manufacturing in a real professional manner and make things happen! The power of team and community is a driving force of the company. Therefore, it is truly wonderful to witness what a highly motivated and full of initiative individuals Audimas Supply team is. They sprinkle their energy on various projects and even activities outside of the office, therefore the daily duties are never dull.

Encouraging youth

 Audimas Supply team organizes tours and exciting programmes for kids! One more initiative of Audimas Supply team was to welcome 6th grade students from Kaunas Zaliakalnis progymnasium to educate them on the processes of the company. Curious youngsters have asked questions about the job in Audimas Supply, what one needs to start a career there and what can we offer. Apart from welcoming school members, Audimas Supply team also organizes tours for kids with gifts! There is nothing like a genuine smile and a warm welcome of a motivated youth – they are the future!

A team that celebrates milestones

 Acknowledging important steps in one’s career or even personally is very important in a community. As each individual’s journey matters to us, our team always remembers to celebrate remarkable moments. We are proud to have people who, besides their job, take the importance of arranging a birthday dinner with gifts and sweets to a colleague, or to organize a thanksgiving party for a teammate who is going to retire. Personal achievements are what also matters highly, therefore, our teammates celebrate together when welcoming a new employee, or someone’s advancement in their career, or even… when someone achieves their personal record in a running marathon. People are what matters!

These are not the only activities our team does on their daily basis! As we have truly energetic, inspiring and talented individuals on our side, we are never settled as to what new initiative will come next. But we encourage enthusiasm and we are glad to see happy people in our company. Audimas Supply team, you are the best!

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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