Clothing production
from idea to distribution

Innovations and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of  clothing factory Audimas Supply mission statement.

The personal attention of our team will always guide you for the best solutions during all sourcing, development, planning, clothing production, and clothes sewing time of your collection.
Our integrated IT systems such as order planning and management, material requirement planning (MRP), never-Out-of-stock (NOS) will guaranty that your clothes collection moves ahead efficiently.
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Product prototyping & development

Clothing production skilled professionals will work with you to bring out the full potential of your ideas, including best materials proposals, garment construction made by Lectra, 3D programs, laser cut, no sew-bonding, seams taping, and solutions for sustainable garments technologies. Clothing factory Audimas Supply is ready to bring your project to life.
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Clothes manufacturing

For the last 30 years, clothing factory Audimas Supply has been improving product lines and supply chain to be reliable, effective, and offer a wider range of technologies available inhouse.

We own clothing production and clothes sewing capacities: two factories in Lithuania as well as the use of a well-developed network of subcontractors withing Europe.

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Other competitive advantages

Extensive supplier network

During the time, we have established a huge network of material suppliers. Clothing factory in Europe Audimas Supply is working with more than 250 suppliers around the world. While using our database, our clients have wider options and shorter sourcing lead time.

Quality management system

Clothing factory Audimas Supply ensures the highest quality and complete reliability by inspecting products at every clothing production stage. Quality is continuously improving in the company and always meets compliance with the ISO 9001 requirements.

Fully integrated IT systems

With growing demand and order quantities, we have been enhancing our ERP systems and installing IT modules to process with more effective planning and clothing production. These systems imply our processes to be more agile to changes in the economy. Your company will benefit from these integrations because they will minimize risks, decrease lead time, and guarantee clothing production timings.

Some of the most notorious systems are:

  • Orders’ planning and management system, which allows us to have a more transparent view of the orders process and timings.
  • Material requirement planning (MRP) system, which allows us to plan and order materials not only for huge order volumes but also for a broad range of SKUs.
  • Never-Out-of-Stock (NOS) system, which allows effectively track and forecast needed quantities in our warehouse and ensure we will always have the necessary materials.

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