3D technology – what are the benefits of digital product creation

Audimas Supply is a sportswear and activewear clothing manufacturer, providing high-quality services for the clothing brands. In recent years we have expanded our services to fully meet the highest standards and to move towards socially and environmentally responsible solutions even more. One of our suggestions to our clients is 3D technology production which allows us to make digital samples before producing physical ones. It provides immense benefits both to the company and sustainability goals.

What are the benefits?

1. Saving time and resources.

This method is immensely beneficial in terms of saving time and valuable resources. 3D technology allows one to see a fully sourced digital result before any physical evidence of the product. The technology gives an opportunity to see a realistic and three-dimensional view of the garment after pattern making. This way allows for the improvement of the cutting patterns directly in 3D, if needed.

Reduced costs are not the only benefit. Audimas Supply can create custom size bespoke avatars for garments, as well as use standard virtual Alvanon mannequins to check the fitting. This allows our customers to make better fitting choices and adjust clothing precisely for standard and nonstandard size orders, avoiding inefficiencies.

Different sizes of the mannequins let us better visualize clothing sets and create measurements that fit better. While using 3D technology for clothing manufacturing, it is possible to check fitting according to silhouettes, fit points, freedom allowances, stress and strain maps. This sustainable solution improves delicate production processes that need extra attention for the outstanding results, while preserving production materials.

2. Co-creating in real-time with partners and improved accuracy in the product design process across cost & commercial viability

For 3D garments, we select materials according to the nearest physical properties and texture or scan textures of custom materials. This helps to improve accuracy in the product design process. With 3D technology, it is also possible to use various types of zippers, buttons, cords, and stoppers. It helps to choose and visualize technical decisions: types of seams, colors, and thickness of yarns.

We can adjust not only the technical design, but also to play with colors and check virtual samples in different colorways. In the matter of design, we can cover them with sublimation patterns and put graphics and embroideries in the proper size. This process allows for an effective co-creation with partners.

We can also change different poses of mannequins and their appearance, to place them in different environments that fit the clothing style and seasonality. In this way, clients can truly visualize the end-product without any doubts. We can show virtual samples on the avatars or without them as three-dimensional visuals.

3. Reduced sampling cost and inefficiencies.

Using a beneficial 3D technology, Audimas Supply can send virtual samples to clients via different formats: pictures, motion files or Clo-set files for the Clo-set Platform users. The formats are ready to use not only for corrections, but also for advertising and marketing purposes.

3D technology lets you explore new and innovative ways to showcase and later on sell your product without spending money and time to produce a high number of samples for showcasing and product photography for e-commerce sites and promotion.

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