Happy Earth Day! 

Happy Earth Day!

What could be a better gift to the Earth than creating areas of pure nature? As a socially responsible business and a company that values sustainable actions and green initiatives, Audimas Supply engaged in a meaningful project to honor Mother Nature!

On this beautiful day last year we gifted trees to our colleagues. This year we decided to join the ERGO Challenge and plant trees around Lithuania!

The ERGO Challenge is a project of collecting steps and planting virtual trees that will result in real little forests. Together with the National Forest Agency and mobile app “Walk15” the project was able to produce a forest of 5000 oak trees in Vilnius last year.

The goal of this year’s challenge is to plant six times more real trees – 30 000! The little forests will be grown in the regions of Kaunas, Klaipėda and Šiauliai.

Our Audimas Supply team took part in this meaningful project and completed over 1 million steps. During the challenge, our team “walked” the distance from Vilnius to Berlin. Our steps generated 3824 virtual trees, 17 of which will be planted in small forests in the Kaunas region.

We are extremely proud to mention the leader of the challenge – Lina Griškevičienė. Lina is our bright example from the Purchase department who participates in all activities and inspires others to join. Audimas Supply is blessed with truly energetic, motivated and encouraging spirits that are the talents of our team! Thank you, Lina, for sharing your enthusiasm with us!

The good news is that the ERGO Challenge is continuing and we invite you to register for tree planting in Vaišvydava, the region of Kaunas, on April 29th.

Go ahead and register here

Let’s keep making Earth better each day and it will thank us in return!

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