Our amazing leadership training accomplished!

Our amazing leadership training accomplished!


Audimas.Supply team leaders completed the leadership training cycle “Leadership Fundamentals” with the amazing lecturer and people strategist Justė Vižinytė.

Lifelong learning is already a great achievement and one of the most necessary modern skills. We wanted to share the highlights and discoveries we have learned:

“First of all, I think this training brought the management team closer together, and I personally heard some great advice and brought back strength for me as a manager and for those that need to be strengthened. It was very interesting, Justė is a great example of a leader”, says Inga Pigagė, our Head of Sales.

“During the training, we expanded our leadership team competences and got to know not only our colleagues but also ourselves. It was a great training and Justė was a great lecturer”, says Daina Sragauskienė, our Head of Product Development.

“The highlights of the training helped managers clarify their key roles and objectives. It revealed the potential of a team and “pushed” us to improve and grow by involving others”, believes Kristina Kubilienė, our Head of Production.

“The most important thing is to keep learning, trying and growing together. This allows us to grow our confidence, meet challenges with courage and add it all to our list of achievements”, says Dovilė Arūnienė, our Head of Organisation and Culture.

“We have indeed taken a big step up, strengthened as a team, and discovered ourselves from a different perspective,” agrees Inga Dumbliauskienė, the company’s CEO.

The power of learning is to transform knowledge into new practices and discoveries, and it seems that this transformation starts within us. We thank all the team members for their active participation and enriching insights. This is how we grow!

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