The newest trends in tailoring and pattern making

The newest trends in tailoring and pattern making

We would like to share some of the newest trends in tailoring and pattern making. When developing a new model, in Audimas Supply  we use 2D and 3D technologies.

3D technology helps to model new garments with extreme precision, predicting how the garment will fit and move on the body”, says our Pattern Maker Jolanta Vaitkeviciene .

Our colleagues Jolanta and Vaida Nazaroviene just came back from the International Convention “Merging Bespoke Tailoring with The Digital World” held in Stockholm, Sweden hosted by IACDE Nordic Chapter. 2D and 3D technologies were the main topic of the Convention this year and we are proud we are in line with the newest inventions.

Every year the International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives (IACDE International) organizes a high-profile international convention every year in different cities around the world, where the best speakers of the world’s most renowned companies give their vision on the future of the industry, and through hands-on workshops, seminars, or demonstrations, share their knowledge with our members.

The IACDE, founded in 1910, is today the premier organization in the Fashion Industry where seasoned industry professionals and executives, as well as young and upcoming talent, are united. It was great to meet all our professional colleagues in Stockholm!

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