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Here at Audimas Supply – one of Europe’s leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers – we are continually growing a culture of accountability and quality standards. As we feel a part of nature and community, we prioritize sustainability, innovation and high quality. Over the years we were able to create innovative and sustainable manufacturing practices and become a highly reliable business partner. Being a company that cares for and supports nature’s natural resources and our community, we have always been working on fully meeting the requirements of our customers.

Your opinion matters to us

Audimas Supply community had always been a big supporter and driving force to our business. We were always striving to bring value and be a competent manufacturing solutions provider through continuous advancement. While it is our promise to constantly improve, taking into account nature and people, we encourage feedback from our customers and we use it to evaluate ourselves on our journey. Audimas Supply has an extensive list of partners and trusting customers, therefore we highly appreciate the reflection on our efforts.

Based on a recent customer review survey, Audimas Supply had gained a growing satisfaction rate on the quality of our products. Exceptionally high rates were given to the quality of our Proto and Sales samples, as well as Bulk order garments quality. Audimas Supply was also positively evaluated on sustainability certifications which our customers value most: it is GRS (Global Recycled Standard) and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certifications. Also we were positively evaluated on bluesign certification for which we are actively preparing.

Commitment to constant improvement

Taking into account the appreciated feedback of our customers, Audimas Supply as a company had made big advancement in regards to implementing sustainable practices, offering innovative solutions and providing high quality products. A big part of our manufacturing business is to continue being the best in our strengths. This year’s survey has proved that we are on the right track and we will continue to prioritize quality and customer satisfaction, while also addressing parts that need further development, maintaining what already works and improving standards of manufacturing.

Thank you for your feedback and trust! It only makes us more dedicated to provide growing quality standards and match our services to your needs as best as we can.

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