Audimas Supply presents a more efficient production planning with 3D technology

For outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturer Audimas one of their main goals is to continue the development of more efficient garment production processes with various innovations integration. Therefore in 2021 Q1 Audimas Supply is introducing a new addition to their various services portfolio, catering to their clients’ current needs. 3D visualization solution is a new service that offers a more practical, cost and time efficient planning and adjustment process. Consequently, this enables a more sustainable process with less textile waste, less sample making, and a smoother communication between the client and the factory.

Audimas Supply implements this cutting-edge 3D visualization from CLO virtual Fashion to enhance current production practices as well as develop a more innovative and sustainable practice among its clients. Using this technology production process becomes more flexible and innovative – software allows to not only visualize the appearance of a confirmed pattern, but also to modify the patterns themselves and translate them to realistic 3D prototypes in real time. In addition, modern technology offers experimentation with variations of garment properties – materials, stitching, layers, design elements and finishes. This provides more creative freedom and ensures that the final garment is the best version, as many options can be tested before finalizing the design.

Audimas Supply, as a sustainable clothing manufacturer, discusses three key advantages of CLO 3D visualization service:

  • Real-time interactivity – any changes to patterns, colors, textures and finishing details can be easily reviewed on a 3D model to assess the design features, garment fit as well as the silhouette. 3D visualization at an early production stage can save substantial production and design revision costs.
  • Refinement of details – 3D visualization creates the opportunity to develop details or special finishes before finalizing styles and producing samples. This saves time on clothing production and helps to ensure cohesiveness of the collection.
  • Streamline of process – 3D visualization allows for creative freedom to test and evaluate a range of different graphic elements or design features. When using this service, revisions can be done in a more sustainable way with less sample making and faster production process. By making the design process more streamlined a business can get ahead of competitors and the regular production lead times.

Audimas Supply with the help of CLO Virtual Fashion software offers a true-to-life 3D garment simulation – a solution backed with extensive research, increasing accuracy and speed as well as endless design capabilities. Using 3D visualization services allows to test changes in 3D immediately, perfect them before sample production thus saving time as well as costs. It is the next step not only for sustainable brands, but also for the whole industry, invested to optimize production and offer high-quality, well thought out collections.

Audimas Supply as a sustainable clothing manufacturer believes that employing more sustainable practices is essential to advance in current garment production industry. This has led Audimas Supply to invest into new innovative technology that offers their clients more innovative and environmentally friendly clothing production methods.

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