Mastering global tendencies – Audimas Supply textile practices

Mastering global tendencies – Audimas Supply textile practices

Here at Audimas Supply, we thoroughly track global trends and work closely with the wide and trusted community of textile manufacturers. One of our goals in making garments from high quality fabrics is to choose the most sustainable options and highly efficient distribution channels. Each method chosen helps us to incorporate compostable materials into the manufacturing process in order to meet environmental standards and reduce waste.

Compostable materials for sewing and packaging are becoming more and more popular. Its impact is widely known amongst conscious textile industry ambassadors. There is a highly important reason for that. As being a sustainable clothing manufacturer is our everyday task, we estimated interesting calculations regarding this fact.

It takes 10 plastic bottles to make a T-shirt, 19 – to make a jacket, and 29  – to make a coat. If we can make a change by switching to recyclable materials, then it is our daily obligation to do so.

Here are a few other sustainable textile practices we do:

  • A way to take action towards optimizing supply chain and distribution channels is to find suppliers from countries that are closer to us. Right now our network consists of European partners.
  • Everyday we are moving towards maximum refinement in regards to sustainable choices and this list might as well grow in time. We are also consolidating the transportation of goods from suppliers.
  • Right now we have 540 active primary materials – 62 out of them are fully or partially made of recycled fiber.
  • Textile materials that we buy consist of top essential characteristics: high quality, competitive price and on best-time delivery.
  • The fascinating goal that we are working towards right now is to buy the exact length of materials as is the perimeter of Lithuania. The distance of Lithuania’s border is 1727 305 meters and the length of textile materials we bought in 2021 is 880 692 meters. It is almost a half of our goal!

Different textures we provide:

  • Tactile fabrics (3D textured fabrics, high water resistance, papery and seersucker structures)
  • Metallic texture look
  • Slightly sheer, soft or stretchy fabrics
  • Safety and visibility fabrics
  • Thermoregulation and cooling technologies
  • Swimwear

Audimas Supply textures are stain-proof, durable, easy-to-care, stretchable stain-proof and with antibacterial finishes.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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