We care – therefore we act

We are the sustainable clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply. Our mission is to be the leading sustainable clothing manufacturer of sports and outdoor clothing in Europe. We greatly care for the impact our business has on the environment, therefore each statement we make is supported by actions that are part of our every-day tasks. Here we share what exactly is on our agenda when we mean sustainability and a strong work ethic.

Sustainability is more than a concept

In our work culture, we firmly believe that addressing social and environmental concerns in business brings long-term benefits for the company and society. Being a responsible clothing producer, we incorporate practices that complement our values and help reach sustainability goals:

  • Recycling waste, using biodegradable materials, eliminating plastic cups and adopting solar pannels in our headquarters.
  • Using digital labels to store information in an environmentally friendly way to reduce waste.
  • Applying the method of 3D garment simulation to lessen time costs, textile waste and sample expenditures.
  • Implementing direct-to-garment printing technology to downsize the amount of production.
  • Complying to Global Recycle Standard (GRS) at every step of the way: Audimas Supply practices are audited and certified to signify our commitment.
  • Only working with and using eco-friendly materials that are compliant with Oeko – Tex and REACH standards.
  • Managing the supply chain and eliminating harmful substances from our manufacturing processes supported by Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) management strategy and adhering to a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) protocol.
  • In 2021 Audimas Supply donated 2586 metres of materials to charity to prevent it from going to waste.

 Renewable energy

As a sustainable clothing manufacturer in Europe, our approach towards sustainable clothes manufacturing maximizes the benefits to the industry and society at large, by minimizing the impacts on the environment. By installing a solar power park on the roof of the clothing factory we are able to produce a great proportion of electricity in-house.

Audimas Supply electricity consumption of the last year reached 993556 kWh and this amount was was generated from renewable energy sources (RES) by 100%.

Workplace ethics

As the importance of everyday environment in which we live and work in is crucial, Audimas Supply practices strong community ethics. We are committed to adhering to the principles of ethical workplace practices and are responsible for providing our employees with a safe, enjoyable and innovative work environment and facilities. We are actively involved in projects that promote physical activity, environmental protection and a healthy lifestyle. Today, Audimas Supply is actively participating in activities organized by Maisto Bankas, a charity that fights food waste.

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