Audimas Supply welcomes digital green

Outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturer Audimas Supply is a company that implements latest manufacturing technologies in its daily practices. Keeping a pulse on world’s trends and cutting-edge improvements is our way to create and offer premium products to our customers. Audimas Supply stands for sustainable manufacturing practices. The transition to advanced and green solutions for the textile industry means putting digitalization into practice. If we had to describe our position, we would like to welcome digital green – the current reality and the future of the manufacturing world.

As a sustainable apparel manufacturer, Audimas Supply shares its “digital greens” – manufacturing practices that relate to trendy innovations and sustainability.

Direct to garment – sustainable printing technology

A leading sportswear manufacturer Audimas Supply uses many advanced in-house technologies for apparel printing. One of them is DTG – direct to garment printing. It is the latest method in textile printing in which an item of clothing is fixed and a special printer prints the selected design directly onto an individual item of clothing. The advantages of DTG technology are flexibility in clothing production and design, as it offers the consumer extensive customization options. Since DTG also has a very smooth opacity, the advantages are a high-quality print with higher resolution and sharpness, which can be easily recognized by the amount of texture and small details.

Most importantly, DTG not only offers a high quality product, but also offers a more sustainable apparel production process. The mentioned role that DTG plays in a more sustainable clothing production is the downsizing of the production. Audimas Supply takes responsibility for offering sustainable solutions and DTG technology supports this concern by enabling the apparel production process to respond to already expressed customer demand.

3D garment simulation – saving time and costs

One of Audimas Supply sustainable clothing manufacturing solutions is 3D visualization service. This technology allows for a more sustainable production process, lessening time, textile waste and sample expenditures. A true-to-life 3D garment simulation offers great benefits in allowing a creative freedom, smoothing communication between the client and the factory and production costs.

Audimas Supply implements 3D visualization service to increase accuracy, speed and capabilities in design-making; to test a garment prototype; to optimize production and heighten the overall quality of the end-product. In this way our company invests time, costs and efforts in what truly matters – the high-quality product that satisfies customers’ needs.

Luminous threads – wearable technologies

Here at Audimas Supply we adapt to the latest improvements in fashion manufacturing and take an innovation-based approach to business. One example that we have implemented is a smart textile design component: luminous threads. They are very bright and visible in the dark.

The luminous electronic part is integrated in the clothing design and is fed by its own power sources. This clever textile solution is used to make clothing visible at night without the aid of additional light sources. Our luminous threads are made from certified materials and are therefore kind to the skin.

Melting threads – strong fix

Melting thread is used for supplemental security of blind stich hems and as an additional thread in the overlock seam of the hem. We have rediscovered this technology and integrated it into our production processes as an invisible supporting part of a garment.  The invisible fixing thread helps achieve the final look of the product and is suitable for design pieces that do not require visible stitches. The strong fixing function of a melting thread also works as a glue technology. Melting threads optimize sorting and enables the repair, reuse and recycling of used clothing, while additionally making it easier to disassemble clothing.

Sharing these sustainable manufacturing and digitalization solutions is our way to communicate our beliefs, values and methods we use in our culture. Digital textile manufacturing practices lets us simplify complex procedures while saving nature’s natural resources, peoples’ time and production costs. Audimas Supply joins the emerging ‘digital green‘ movement and is ready to implement many more smart textile technologies to its manufacturing routine in years to come.

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