Audimas Supply – 90 years together

Audimas Supply – one of Europe’s leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers is celebrating 90 years anniversary since it began its journey. Being a leading sports and outdoor apparel expert means a lot to us and we wouldn’t be where we are now without our partners’ and customers’ trust. Throughout this period of time Audimas Supply gained a lot of experience, as well as expertise in the field, and as a company we are proud to implement this knowledge and quality to our products which we give out to the world.


Based on tradition, driven by technologies

Respect for the past

While the times, circumstances and people change, the core values remain everlasting. Here at Audimas Supply same principles apply. We are combining the best traditions, respect for the past and nature, as well as innovations and modern attitude towards nowadays technologies. Everyday we are enliving the communion of the past and the present from which the future is born. As we feel responsible to carry tradition and proudly present Lithuanian heritage in our values and inner culture, we also match it with innovative decisions and we believe it is our strength.

Friendly to nature

We are creating the future now by making our apparel as environmentally-friendly as possible. We are striving to be on top of the latest innovative solutions and always be in sync with advanced technologies. While following this modern path, we respect what ancestors had given to us and aim to conserve nature’s natural resources in our cloth making practices.

Technology milestones

As with every journey, our manufacturing experience has led us to professional heights in modern and sustainable clothing manufacturing practices. Over the years, we became a leading industry expert and had advanced through how we approach the making of sportswear and outdoor apparel. Apart from adapting the newest in-house technologies, such as fully automated sewing processes, laser-cut techniques, sustainable branding solutions, various functional design practices and many more, we have formed meaningful professional partnerships.

Being strong in the market means taking responsibility to continue being a credible and trustworthy partner and work for the well-being of Lithuanian business and people. WE ARE CONNECTED – together creating a history of Lithuanian business. We are united – by history, origin, mentality, traditions, hopes and dreams.

Thank you all – employees, clients, customers, suppliers, governmental organizations and partners in textile industry – thank you all for trusting and being with us.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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