QR code – a step towards clothing digitalization and sustainability

Audimas Supply – one of Europe’s leading clothing manufacturers and leading experts in outdoor clothing and sportswear forges the way for technology in sports apparel fashion. Audimas Supply is moving forward together with digital era and clothing design options which meet the customer’s eye. Implementing technological strategies such as digital information transferring, high speed encryption and digital labels in clothing design is a way to upgrade brand’s industrial processes and engagement of customers. We believe in providing interactive experience for our clients as a way to be as transparent and accountable as possible.

Audimas Supply opens a possibility for an easily accessible digital information

QR codes are 2D barcodes that contain data which when scanned allows users to connect to it. As a textile company, we not only want to provide technical garments to our customers but also to give them access to digital information online about our brand’s products.

Quick response code technology allows for the identification of information due to high speed encryption processes. Users are able to access optical label through scanning a quick response code with QR generator app on their mobile devices. Some smart phones offer the function to scan the data matrix code with their camera only, without any additional app. Therefore, accessing a QR code is relatively easy and effortless.

Integrating QR code into Audimas Supply clothing design

QR codes work in favour of providing easily accessible data to engage and inform our customers. We open a possibility to connect to the information, such as garment care, linkages to product’s e-shop page, business cards, the story about the making of the product, brand’s history and any special message to the customer, in a time-saving way.

In order to activate a QR code and be able to access an encrypted information, here at Audimas Supply we are developing a QR code implementation system. Using various textile branding technologies, such as sublimation and digital printing, we are integrating digital label into our clothing design and continuously searching for advanced alternatives. Our digital labels can be found directly on a garment, as well as inside the garment in a form of attached labels, on a package and other places.

Manufacturing trust into innovative designs

Audimas Supply has been working consistently to comply with the latest standards in technology and cater to evolving consumer markets. Interactive designs have been one of the ways to offer smart textile options for our clients and enhance their experience with electronic features.

We take use of nowadays’ popular notion about utilizing transmission of information via digital technologies. At Audimas Supply we strive for excellence and efficiency in innovative clothing manufacturing solutions. Therefore, digitalising customer experience with data matrix codes is our way to benefit our clients and provide them with enriched customer experience.

Additional step towards sustainability

Audimas Supply is a textile company that values and implements sustainable practices into our clothing manufacturing processes. We carefully choose our materials and production solutions to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. Using digital labels helps us to store information in an environmentally-friendly way. Keeping informational data in digital formats allows it to be accessible for a long time without compromising nature’s natural resources.

Here at Audimas Supply we believe in providing interactive digital experience for our clients as a way to be as transparent, accountable and environmentally responsible as possible.

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