Audimas Supply introduces a new logo – connecting tradition and innovation

We are proud to present that Audimas Supply, a manufacturing company with a strong spirit of tradition and equipped with the latest technologies, is moving forward with a new brand logo that represents tradition, unity and wisdom. Our experience has led us to great business expertise and exceptional results in outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturing. Therefore, we are advancing towards new creative decisions and improved technologies in manufacturing solutions. As Audimas Supply is approaching a new beginning, our company proudly represents the meaning of our new branding. Both are linked to historical roots and symbolize universal values – ancestral wisdom and unity. Together with appreciation and respect for the rhythm of life, Audimas Supply joins tradition with innovation to make a better change.

A craft that brought life into every home
‘Audimas’ means weaving in Lithuanian. Weaving is a method of textile production in which two distinct sets of yarns or threads are interlaced at right angles to form a fabric or cloth. Back at age, it was more than a cloth making process. This activity held a distinct meaning for Lithuanian culture. Weaving has always brought people together, as a sort of a ritual for the whole family. Therefore, we have depicted a stylised shuttle in our logo – a symbol linked to historicity, traditional handcraft and community. Audimas Supply had incorporated a modernised vintage shape of the shuttle into the logo design to represent its connection to traditions and ancient wisdom.

Creating new value and new products

Audimas Supply combines experience, history, movement and technology to create different components, new value and new products. We are constantly developing our industrial competences to provide best possible solutions to our business chain and end-users. Although our roots stem from traditional values of a handcraft, the vision and production are customized to meet a modern user‘s needs in the most advanced and sustainable way. In our technological and creative processes we use different tools and components to design new and innovative products for active people. Respecting our past, we are committed to creating a sustainable future by using only eco-certified or recycled materials in our production processes, along with standard-compliant technologies and by collaborating with other partners on the sustainability path. This is the contribution of our entire community (suppliers, manufacturers, customers, employees) to a healthier, cleaner and better tomorrow.


Audimas Supply –  a movement that connects suppliers, manufacturers, brands and end-users in a modern way.


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