Branding solutions and sustainability – how to match

Audimas Supply, a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Europe, places an utmost importance to sustainable branding solutions.  We believe that integrating environmental and socially responsible approach to business will produce lasting benefits not only for the company, but society and environment as well. By using and sourcing all kinds of eco-friendly materials we contribute to planet‘s health. We are proud to be adopting sustainable manufacturing processes and implementing certified clothing branding technologies that comply with the environmental standarts and international eco-toxicological regulations.

Safe and high-quality supply

As respect and the protection of environment are important values in Audimas Supply company, our strategy is to implement sustainable solutions and integrate successful eco-friendly practices in our supply chain. We only work with suppliers that adhere to social and environmental standards. By giving attention to future benefits of the planet, we select raw and certified materials for our industrial processes. Branding solutions, including clothing design, printing technologies and manufacturing practices require a professional and responsible approach. Therefore we only choose standardized and certified supply to produce high-quality content for our customers.

Sustainable printing technologies

To minimize the impacts on the environment and ensure safety and well-being of our employees, raw materials used in our clothing design technologies are treated according to REACH European Regulation standards and tested by Oeko-Tex product safety criteria. Audimas Supply is implementing a sustainable direct to garment printing technology, approved by Oeko-Tex 100 Eco passport. This technology allows ink to be transferred to fabric without coming into contact with skin. For over a decade, our textile brand meets high product safety criteria and use substances in our industrial processes that comply with European Union safety regulations.

Moreover, to advance our focus on sustainability, Audimas Supply uses a sustainable fabric design technology – embossing. By using this progressive branding solution the image is transferred to fabric via a template without using any chemical materials. In this design technology no ink, coating or foil is used.


Elimination of hazardous chemicals

Additionally, clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply focuses on implementing a chemicals management program which is equally important to maintaining sustainable branding practices. Our company takes a standardized approach to tools and processes that contribute to reduced energy consumption and emissions of our manufacturing facilities. By advancing towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) management strategy, we effectively manage supply chain and eliminate harmful substances from our manufacturing processes. Audimas Supply also follows a Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL) protocol to ensure maximum final product safety and protection of the environment.


Certified sustainable production

Audimas Supply as a sustainable clothing manufacturer recognizes the social and environmental impacts of clothing production. Therefore, facility environmental perfomance is measured by the Higg Index, a standardized tool of value chain sustainability, recognized internationally and developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC). Higg Index is used as a self-assessment tool to measure Audimas Supply facility and evaluate environmental processes.

Furthermore, our branding practices are verified by GRS (Global Recycle Standard), an international measurement of recycled content in a final product. Audimas Supply clothing production is audited and approved by GRS to minimize harmful environmental and chemical impacts on the environment.


Audimas Supply, a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Europe, cares for entire clothing production processes and implements sustainable branding solutions to positively impact our planet. Each step of branding strategy, the usage of technologies and utilization of supply are carefully reviewed by the highest European standards. Technologies we use for our sustainable branding solutions are adhering to the environmentally friendly criteria and provides long term benefits for people and environment.

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