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Audimas Supply – one of Europe’s leading clothing manufacturers and leading experts in outdoor clothing and sportswear continues to mark 2021 as the year of innovation and technology advancement. With recent plans to participate in person at the Premiere Vision Paris Autumn 2021 showcase on 21-23 September, where we plan to catch-up with partners, clients and listen to insights from leading industry names, our company is taking a moment to review and present our current in-house technology park. Our in-house selection of solutions for every step from idea to distribution are here to elevate designs, expedite production process, inspire our clients and cater to evolving consumer markets.

Clothing production

Innovations and value-adding partnerships are fundamental values of clothing factory Audimas Supply mission statement. Here we strive for excellence, efficiency and optimization of workflow across all of our departments. Our team of experts offer personal attention to each of the projects we take on and guide our clients to find the best options during all sourcing, development, planning, clothing production, and clothing sewing time of any collection. To manage the processes more easily we offer our integrated IT systems such as order planning and management, material requirement planning (MRP). Our skilled professionals work together with our clients to fully develop ideas, including best materials proposals, garment construction made by Lectra, 3D programs, laser cut, no sew-bonding, seams taping, and solutions for sustainable garments technologies. Our garment production facilities are ready to bring even the most advanced ideas to the stage of fully produced collections. All of which would guarantee that our clients’ collection production would be managed efficiently.

For the last 30 years, clothing factory Audimas Supply has been improving product lines and supply chain to be reliable, effective, and offer a wider range of technologies available in-house.

In-house technologies

Cut & Sew

As current fabric trends and garment model evolve rapidly Audimas Supply uses fully automated cutting machines to ensure top quality and reliability of production.

Currently Audimas Supply has a yearly production of 30 million sewing minutes, which translates into approximately 1.5 million pieces of goods.


Given extensive Audimas Supply in-house resources, services range from the whole product roll cut to the smallest ornaments’ cut. Such cut-outs can be used for functional technological and decorative purposes.

The precise, clean, and minimalistic technique gives the garment an innovative look with the best performance qualities.

Printing & Embroidery

Audimas Supply decorative solutions allow to create unique products by using different printing techniques offered in-house:

  • Heat transfers (3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, silicone, water-based);
  • Direct screen printing (Microdot tourmaline, 3D, reflective, fluor colors, rainbow effect, matt, plastisol, silicone, water-based);
  • Sublimation;
  • Embossing/debossing;

No-sew bonding

Audimas Supply team of experts are there to suggest the most appropriate solution for our clients’ products to get the most reliable results:

  • Bonding of seams and other units;
  • Bonding of braces with special machinery;
  • Ultrasonic technique.

Seams taping

As Audimas Supply offers a wide range of finishings, we also include seams taping option for functional clothing – our well-developed products with taped seams will never miss the water.

This technology ensures 100% waterproofness with the taping machinery used by us as well as inhouse testing that is regularly performed according to our quality policy.

Print on demand

Based on current trends in production and among consumers, additional customization and personalization have become an important part of unique additions to collections. To accommodate this need Audimas Supply offers direct to garment printing (DTG).

Smart textiles

Following newest trends and innovations in the field, we’re also offering smart textiles options, where fabric is enhanced with electronics features for various functionalities.

Quality and customization

At Audimas Supply we highly value the ability to provide our clients with informed advice, best practices and solutions that can be delivered in-house in an efficient manner with our guarantee of excellence.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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