Audimas Supply goes Global

Audimas Supply has been a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Europe for the last 30 years. While Audimas Supply is located in Lithuania, company has been working with many brands for various sports and activewear projects across Europe and has gathered a vast network of clients, partners, suppliers and experience in delivering high quality products in an efficient time manner.

Audimas Supply current clients include many well-known European sportswear brands and we’re very proud that we have been working with a large part of them for over ten years. Our newest projects include working with clients from USA, Canada and Australia, expanding our portfolio to fully international.

Technological advancement – huge part of growth

Audimas Supply has a long tradition in fitness apparel production and outdoor activewear, a production area with many technological advancements. As one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Europe, our company has placed a lot of focus on developing use of current achievements and improvements in a timely fashion. This means that Audimas Supply is always on the lookout for more areas to improve in terms of materials, production solutions we offer in-house, production management solutions to offer more efficient process management for our clients and many more. For more than twenty years we have been the leader in sportswear clothing manufacturing for more technologically complicated garment development and sewing. We attribute this success and evaluation from our partners and clients to our continuous dedication to learn, trial new technological solutions and implement them to optimize production.

Our long-term experience and know-how have led Audimas Supply and our team of professionals to be well-known experts in stretch-fabrics production area. A large part of our employees has professional education in garment construction and a range of textiles. In addition, to stay updated on news and practices across our vertical, we consult with outside specialists and laboratories.

Focusing on the future and next steps for clothing manufacturing business

Due to global pandemic and its impact on travel and events, we had to change our traditional communication practices. Going to textile and sportswear exhibitions has always been a very large part of our relationship development with our partners, clients as well as competitors. As all of these regular communication activities have moved online, we have also quickly adapted and developed a range of services to ensure ease of production management remotely. Following the changes in the world as well as our industry, we have become even better equipped to collaborate with clients from anywhere around the world.

Audimas Supply has used this opportunity for growth and expansion of our current client portfolio successfully. We’re very excited of our future projects and opportunities to work together with more global clients – to learn, innovate and share our experience together.

Sportswear category growth: understanding the needs of clients and consumers

Audimas Supply views marketing activities as an essential part of effective communication for sales growth as well as developing relationships and winning new projects. Growth in this climate requires a lot of attention to detail, ability to pivot, adapt as well as innovate and truly understand the way our consumer behaviors and tastes have changed. Activewear is a category that has been growing without any setbacks and consumers have a bigger say than ever. Therefore, we aim to listen and cater to the new evolved buyers of today – with customization, sustainable options and focus on quality.

Our clientele continues to grow with the help of smart marketing solutions – online activities as well as networking on professional social media such as LinkedIn. We’re very proud and happy that the proportion of our clients outside of EU has been rapidly growing since 2020. We believe that more diverse international experience will further develop our expertise and will contribute to continuous improvement of solutions we offer our clients.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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