Audimas Supply Social policy – making sure every member of the team is on the same page

Audimas Supply, one of the leading clothing manufacturers in Europe, during the past years has been expanding continuously. As the company evolves and develops new ventures it is imperative to assess internal policies, atmosphere among employees and company values. Audimas Supply has been working consistently to increase their efforts towards more sustainable practices and production processes. To achieve certifications and improve company workflow a significant amount of attention has been placed on social policy and employee well-being.

Social policy at Audimas Supply starts with each member of the team

We are an equal opportunities company with a fair pay policy as well as a strong stand against any kind of discrimination. At Audimas Supply 91% of our employees are women across a range of departments and job roles. We’re proud to have an inclusive and diverse team of experienced and highly skilled employees.

Our teams spend so much time together, we nurture our community through various social activities such as celebrating various achievements and holidays together, organizing volunteering trips to help other local communities by working with food donations, blood drives, bake sales. Through a range of activities we aim to make sure our team members suggestions and causes are heard and supported.

Company has also a very clearly defined wage policy – it’s important to us that every staff member earns fair pay for their work. Following labor laws in Lithuania all of our team members earn not any less than minimum monthly wage. We do not support child labor. All of our employees are of full age and work in healthy, safe conditions.

Audimas Supply has always placed a lot of worth on company values and their employees – it’s very important to us that people understand our values and management decisions to feel safe as well as informed about what are the plans and goals for the future. Thus, we believe that such approach has contributed to low employee turnover and a positive team atmosphere. On average, our employees have 11 years’ experience in their respective roles.

Audimas Supply Social policy: our key principles

Audimas Supply social policy consists of efforts to perfectly fulfill our obligations to customers, partners, colleagues and our shareholders following key principles to ensure quality, efficiency, safety, opportunities to grow as well as to implement essential improvements. We encourage teamwork and initiative focused on the implementation of quality, environmental and social responsibility goals. At the same time, we hope to encourage to develop the personal responsibility of employees for the quality, safety and health of their work and the protection of environment.

As a company we also want to support our employees and offer them opportunities to take care of themselves while working at Audimas Supply. For example, each year we’re offering our employees free medical check-ups, so that they have the time and opportunity to take care of their health.

In addition, we work very hard to ensure healthy and safe working conditions by establishing norms of occupational safety and health, social responsibility and ethics in the work environment. We aim to continue developing our activities through implementation of new technologies, raw materials and resources that have the least harmful impact on the environment, while also ensuring the safety and health of our employees.

Sustainability a huge part of Audimas Supply Social policy

Our driving idea is based on transparency and responsibility – it has always been our goal that each of us at Audimas Supply know and understand the reasons why we’re moving towards more environmentally conscious production. To ensure clear and personally relevant communication behind our leading ideas, we have invested time and attention to embrace it across teams. We have been celebrating World Earth Day, creating memorable initiatives together and launching education opportunities to include employees and help them feel the importance of their role and be a part of the change our company aims to contribute to clothes manufacturing industry.

Global Recycle Standard (GRS) – audited and certified to signify our commitment

As Audimas Supply has recently received certifications for GRS we have also conducted an extensive and detailed audit to review and assess our standards, making sure we’re doing everything to ensure quality and safety or our products.

We have identified a very clear mission to constantly improve the efficiency of our processes and cooperate with partners, suppliers, customers in a way that allows to reduce pollution and enables us to protect the environment.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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