Higg Index – how Audimas Supply measures and evaluates environmental performance?

As Audimas Supply, a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Europe, continues to develop and implement more sustainable production practices, company has added another self-assessment tool to the already wide standards and certifications for production sustainability measurement portfolio. Higg index is a self-assessment tool that standardizes how Audimas Supply facility measures and evaluates their environmental performance. Higg Index is the leading assessment for standardized supply chain sustainability assessment, recognizes internationally and developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

Audimas Supply as a sustainable clothing manufacturer places importance on a systematic approach to improvement of production processes, well-being of factory workers, local communities, and the environment. Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM) is a suite of tools that enables facilities to accurately measure and score a company sustainability performance at every stage in their sustainability journey. This evaluation empowers companies to make meaningful improvements, which are directed at the full spectrum of sustainable practices.

Environmental Facility Module covers seven key areas of a business’ performance, which cover a variety of steps in manufacturing process:

  • Environmental management system
  • Energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Water use
  • Wastewater
  • Emissions to air
  • Waste management
  • Chemical use and management

In order to fully embrace this step Audimas Supply has not only performed Higg FEM 2020 self-assessment but also conducted a module verification by an independent verifier. Verification was performed by an independent third-party organization – SGS the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Using a trustworthy partner demonstrates the accuracy of information and data submitted through the Higg FEM and in addition gives an opportunity to confidently share results with supply chain partners. Through this ongoing collaboration the entire supply chain can continue to drive measurable performance improvement and create positive impact.

Audimas Supply recent efforts have been directed at offering more flexible and environmentally conscious production solutions for their clients. Being able to demonstrate compliance with high standard certifications is a very important step when working with wide range of international buyers and brands.

In addition to Higg self-assessment, Audimas Supply has been working tirelessly to advance their efforts in more sustainable processes and solutions for their clients. In 2021 Audimas Supply has certified recycled materials process and implemented Global Recycle Standard (GRS) in production workflow.  In addition to that commitment to sustainability includes attention to every little detail – starting from recycled threads,  and more environmentally friendly packaging. Progress has been positively met by both direct consumers as well as partners across the globe, valuing Audimas Supply leadership in innovative and sustainable clothes manufacturing processes.



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