Audimas Supply ODM collection: expanding the range of clothing types to continue growth

In 2020 one of the leading European sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers Audimas Supply has introduced an original design manufacturing (ODM) collection to offer more variety and convenience for clients interested in clothing production services. ODM has been a great success as it ensures an efficient and professional solution for customized clothing manufacturing. Audimas Supply ODM collection’s core is simplicity, versatility, and comfort, which has proven to be a great addition to many of our clients’ brands collections. Following the success of ODM services in the past year, Audimas Supply has taken the next step and is introducing new ODM directions to expand the range.

What to expect in the newest addition to Audimas Supply ODM range

The new directions that Audimas Supply, one of the largest clothing manufacturers, has chosen to add to the ODM collection are to compliment the areas where the company has been placing a lot of attention and importance in the past years – sustainability, customization, quality and versatility. All of these new options are coming soon as they are set to be launched in 2021 summer.


Sustainability has been one of the key driving factors for many of initiatives and Audimas Supply portfolio expansions. Audimas Supply is a company that is very proud of their commitment towards more environmentally friendly production practices, following international standards and maintaining the interest in recycled clothing production trends.

In addition to selection of fabrics made from recycled materials, we’re offering production process improvements that aim to reduce fabric and materials waste as well as optimize time spent on garment development. With the help of 3D visualization technology one can see a rendered 3D visual of the garment from all sides based on selected features without the physical sample production. This allows for much quicker and easier alterations to find the perfect option.

Fully Sustainable

Limited edition Fully Sustainable Training set is a collection with highest attention to details: from using threads made from recycled materials to sustainable packaging options. In addition to this, Audimas Supply is offering an ecological process to use embossing for logo application, ensuring the most environmentally friendly production.  This collection is a true statement of Audimas Supply commitment to sustainable clothing production.

Corporate wear

Listening to customer needs Audimas Supply  has introduced an ODM collection, which suits company needs, looking to create branded clothing for their employees’ needs or as business gifts. Understanding different situations and preferences, a wide range of choices will be on offer to find styles and features for every brand and their image.

Bike collection

In recent years the popularity of cycling as a sport has experienced a significant rise, especially due to global pandemic. Since the need for more quality time outside as well as the desire to be more active increased, our collection has also been updated to cater for this change in lifestyle trends. Garments designed for cyclists are expected to be very successful and will meaningfully compliment other collection items. Our produced bike collection products will use 90% materials made from recycled sources. Furthermore product development is done in a more technologically advanced and sustainable way by using 3D visualization.

Audimas Supply has been continuously working to bring innovation, higher standards and leading international practices to their manufacturing process. ODM collection is a great example of Audimas Supply commitment to offering sustainable, forward-thinking solutions for their customers. This expansion of ODM range will be a great addition to cater for current and future client needs.

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