Audimas management: change in structure

As Audimas business continues to grow and scale rapidly due to increase in business volumes as well as favorable market situation and continuous development plans, we have decided to update our organizational structure. PLC Audimas will be dividing production and trade activities into newly established subsidiaries. However, these changes will not have any impact on current business arrangements with our customers or our employees.

The long-term goal of this restructure is to provide even better production services as well as continue developing more tailored solutions for various customer needs. Production activities will be moved to JSC Audimas Supply, owned by PLC Audimas. JSC Audimas Supply will be managed by Inga Dumbliauskienė, JSC Audimas Brand will be managed by Hardy Schulz, and the company’s CEO Eglė Gruodienė will work in her position until June 1st.

Preparation for this process has started in 2019: activities were refined and management teams were strengthened. Both businesses have already been operating independently for some time, therefore their legal separation will only further increase efficiency and speed in addition to the motivation of teams to pursue ambitious growth goals.

From 1st June Inga Dumbliauskienė, who has been the head of the production development department for the last two years, will become the head of JSC Audimas Supply and be responsible for the development of this business. I. Dumbliauskienė has gathered successful management experience during her time at UAB FC Herning Baltic, UAB Protex Invest Baltic and others.

Audimas has been continuously growing and investing in innovation, strengthening sustainable production solutions. As Chairman of the Board, Šarūnas Šiugžda has commented “Over the past two years, strong management teams have been assembled in both businesses, the e-commerce sales channel has been intensively developed, the outsourced customer base has been strengthened, production capacity has been increased and the company’s financial results have been significantly improved. It has also coped well with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are very grateful to Eglė Gruodienė for the work done and the excellent results achieved in the position of the CEO. Eglė Gruodienė will continue to work directly with the company’s board on important strategic projects.”

Audimas not only manufactures for its own brand network, but also provides a variety of manufacturing, production planning and management services for the most well-known European and global sports and leisure clothing brands. Therefore the change in management structure will benefit our teams and departments to allow for continued growth and efficiency.

As one of the most respected sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers in Europe, Audimas has been a beacon of technological advancement implementation: through digitization of processes, offering more sustainable production customization services such as DTG printing, expanding ODM collections, demonstrated commitment to more responsible and environmentally conscious solutions with Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certification and many others.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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