Audimas Supply – now offering Global Recycle Standard (GRS) in their production

Audimas Supply has already more than five years of experience in production from recycled materials. Materials that have been used are recycled polyester or polyamide. To continue our growth and stronghold of environmentally-conscious solutions, in 2021 Audimas Supply has taken another step towards more advanced sustainable practices – we have certified recycled materials production process and have implemented GRS requirements in our workflow processes. GRS is an international, voluntary standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled input and chain of custody.  It is an achievement not only for us as a company, but also for our region and market, because we are the first and currently the only sportswear and clothing manufacturer to be GRS certified in Lithuania.

For us as a company this is a very important achievement, because of the quality it represents and the level of requirements that need to be met to certify. Global Recycle Standard incorporates a variety of additional regulations for Social Responsibility clauses, Health and Safety requirements, as well as Environmental regulations such as Chemical Management, Energy use, Water use, Wastewater management, Emissions to air and Waste Management. In some cases, these requirements are more strict than local rulings, which ensures we’re operating by following the highest standards.

Audimas Supply experience with recycled materials

Audimas Supply, a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer, has already been actively using recycled materials in their garment production. We source and use recycled materials suitable for garment production, especially for everyday wear items such as pants, tops, as well as swimwear. Fabrics we choose are recycled from either pre-consumer or post-consumer recycled materials. Pre-consumer term means that these materials are a side-product from industry processes, such as various plastic components, production waste, fabric remnants. Post-consumer term entails that the materials come from waste from consumers’ products such as plastic bottles, nets and similar.

Goal of including GRS requirements in our processes is to ensure the quality of the materials we use as well as our workflow and quality of the products we create for our clients.

Importance of GRS for Audimas Supply future production

For Audimas Supply, adoption of GRS means that this includes additional criteria for social and environmental processing as well as chemical restrictions in the fabrics we choose and solutions we offer. Overall implementing GRS certification shows that we aim to reduce harmful impact of production on people in addition to the environment. This entire process includes thorough verification of sourced materials and provides assurance that the products have been made in a more sustainable way.

Audimas Supply quality assurance for GRS

To adapt this process smoothly we have added quality control checks throughout the recycled materials supply chain, advanced traceability process, management process for discrepancies as well as added some structural changes to separate GRS certified production from other departments.

What has been really important to us was to ensure that GRS is also implemented fully in more remote production departments, which made it possible to expand the production process and streamline management. GRS audits we have carried out were without any discrepancy cases and we’re happy to move forward with this implementation as fully rolled out.

Future of recycled materials in garment production

Audimas Supply as a forward-thinking company has been developing many different processes and ensuring newest and most sustainable practices are implemented into our portfolio in an efficient manner.

Following the rollout of GRS, our clients can order products developed by Audimas Supply and have them certified with GRS, if the chosen fabrics are using at least 50% or more of recycled materials.

As Audimas Supply has demonstrated many times with each innovation we bring to our company our goal is to offer more informed decisions for our clients and customers. GRS implementation allows us to expand the scale of our sustainable production and offer better management solutions internally across all departments.

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