Audimas Supply commitment to sustainability starting from details that make an impact

Audimas Supply, a leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer in Europe has been focusing a lot on more sustainable practices and solutions. As with each initiative, it is very important to evaluate the impact of our efforts. We are using a systematic approach and working to make various steps of production more sustainable, it is equally important to see our efforts through the eyes of the customers, our manufactured clothes reach.

We believe that sustainability journey starts from important details such as packaging options. Each year Audimas Supply acquires around 1 million of plastic bags to package consumer purchases. Audimas Supply as a responsible and a sustainable company offers a range of packaging options to choose from. This way the buyer can choose packaging that suits their beliefs and commitment to environmentally friendly actions. Currently Audimas Supply offers paper bags, bags from recycled materials as well as biodegradable bags.

Biodegradable bags are produced from low-density polyethylene (LDPE) material and added bio material. Such option results in a plastic that degrades comparably fast, making it one of the preferred options. While bio materials can be produced from different sources, due to ethical reasons (as global hunger continues to be an issue) we have chosen a bio additive that is produced synthetically.

Moreover, to advance our focus on sustainability, Audimas Supply offers brands the option to use PolyART recycled threads for clothes manufactured in their factories. This environmentally friendly thread is from recycled bottles, that were made from of 100% PET. While it may seem like a rather small change, it is an important contribution to finding ways to include more recycled materials in our production.

For clothing manufacturers quality of materials is exceptionally important, therefore we have gone through a detailed process to find suppliers we trust and share the same focus on offering more environmentally friendly solutions.

As McKinsey&Company report discusses there are five key emerging trends believed to shape sustainable packaging solutions. While the awareness of sustainability topic as well as issues has grown significantly in the last years, the complexity of approaches has also increased. In addition to that, global practices regarding waste collection and recycling systems need to be balanced out to minimize regional differences. Furthermore, while FMCG companies are working to innovate in their portfolios and offer improvements, large-scale market adoption of innovations remains to be rather slow. Lastly, while there are more options than ever, especially with recycled materials and products, plastics are here to stay. As the discussion from McKinsey, and what we have been experiencing in Europe outlines, there are actions that companies can take. Investments into these directions are important to the customers and benefit sustainability efforts.

Audimas Supply as a sustainable clothing manufacturer recognizes the importance of a systematic approach to improving impact of clothing production on the environment. Consumer, client and the market needs are meticulously analyzed, which is why we are continuously adding more solutions. We believe that details matter, and each step is important to create clothing in a more environmentally friendly way.

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