Earth Day 2021: Each Year One Step Closer to Responsible and Sustainable Practices

Today to commemorate Earth Day, celebrated internationally on April 22nd since 1970, we’re taking a moment to reflect on our current approach to sustainability and share some of the best practices our company and our employees have teamed up to execute in our daily work.

Outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturer Audimas Supply has been continuously working to incorporate green practices in both our production processes as well as everyday company life. We want to take this moment and talk about what we can do to ensure we’re contributing to a more sustainable economy, life and overall approach. Audimas Supply as a sustainable manufacturer has been dedicating a range of initiatives to be more responsible and accountable. This year we’re inviting all of our employees to take a moment and evaluate how each and every one of us could contribute to the protection of our environment and the planet. There are many actions and habits we can develop at our own homes as well as the workplace. For everyone at Audimas Supply this outlook is part of our everyday culture – sustainability is an everyday topic we all care about.

To inspire and remind us of why we’re placing so much focus on it, during this day at both Audimas Supply headquarters as well as production areas, we’re screening educational films on a variety of relevant topics, ranging from planet Earth, water and air pollution, to the importance of recycling, product lifecycle and circular economy. We’re doing this so that we could take a pause to reflect, talk, think about it and listen to each other as it is important to share ideas and understand the impact our strive towards sustainability creates. To inspire action beyond talk and education, Audimas Supply is also presenting each department with a green initiative to plant and grow new life. Each pot that we’re gifting contains pine seeds (pinus negra), so that we all could plant new trees and grow together with them, both personally and professionally. Each year our planted pines would grow approximately 30cm and would eventually be replanted outside.

As we develop the life and work at Audimas Supply team to be more eco-conscious, we have successfully implemented various steps across company such as rubbish recycling, removal of plastic cups and even installation of solar panels in our headquarters contributing to our company culture. Additionally, we have been using energy saving solutions to help improve working conditions – our conventional lighting replacement to LED is in progress.

Audimas Supply is focused on using renewable energy sources to minimize production impact on the environment. Because all of our energy comes from renewable energy sources, 100% of Audimas Supply used electricity is GREEN ENERGY certified.

With each of these initiatives we aim to create a uniform company policy focused on sustainable values and practices. From production standpoint Audimas Supply has always been at the forefront of new technology implementation that allows for more responsible garment production. Due to our vast network of suppliers, we offer eco-friendly materials, in addition to that we optimize production planning and garment development with 3D technology, and since late 2020 introduced solutions such as DTG printing, which creates opportunity for reduced production scale, placing customization and listening to the consumers wants and needs at the top of priority list.

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