How to Find and Choose Clothing Manufacturers for Your Business?

Finding the right clothing manufacturer for your business is an essential part of a successful brand journey. Running a clothing brand requires to not only manage design, but also production process, marketing and retail decisions. Therefore, it’s imperative to find reliable partners and efficient solutions for each step.

Once the concept of the brand and the business approach is developed, the next step is to decide on production. While at first this part of business development may seem complicated, key things to have in mind when choosing the right manufacturing company are rather straightforward.

When and why does a business need a clothing manufacturer?

Clothing manufacturing companies are an efficient and quality-oriented solution for brands that seek to develop collections with original design.

Audimas Supply, as a high quality and sustainable outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturer, has a lot of experience working with many different brands. This experience provides connections and expertise which make the collaboration process, garment development and the overall lead time much more efficient.

In addition, choosing a clothing manufacturer for original design, compared to reselling garments, offers such advantages as:

  • Design and creative freedom,
  • Greater control on brand development and marketing,
  • Greater control on pricing as well as production process.

At the same time, before committing to work with a clothing manufacturer, a brand needs to evaluate risks and potential disadvantages, such as:

  • Orders need to be placed in bulk, which requires significant investment upfront,
  • Process may involve more legal obligations.

For a brand that is completely new, this means a high-risk investment, which can be managed with pre-orders or some early collaboration with suppliers to test the market and gain consumer preference insights.

How to choose a reliable clothing manufacturer

To begin with, some key questions need to be answered and evaluated – whether the company is searching for local or oversees manufacturers, which will impact the pricing. This requires to evaluate how sensitive your business is to shipping times and prices, product range and production capabilities, expertise in the product you’re looking to develop.

Choosing a clothes manufacturer in 2021

In 2020 more common practices have changed – many brands have moved production to Europe or are searching for more local clothes manufacturers here. The change has been a long-term development due to more sustainable practices demand as well as the opportunity to reduce minimum order quantities.

Due to increased demand for European clothing manufacturers in 2020 and 2021, industry has already noticed material shortages. If you’re considering to move your production and find a clothing factory in Europe, it’s important to assess the situation and make decisions rather fast. In order to meet production goals, planning in advance and resources booking is important to ensure timelines are followed and deadlines are met.

Audimas Supply – leading outdoor clothing and sportswear manufacturer

Audimas Supply, as a clothing manufacturer in Europe offers what many contemporary brands are looking for – long-term experience, well-connected network of suppliers and a focus towards innovation, sustainable practices, high quality service and operational excellence.

For our clients Audimas Supply offers a team of experts that will guide your collection through all sourcing, development, planning, clothing production and clothes sewing steps with ease and highest level of professionalism. We offer integrated IT systems that optimize processes and guarantee efficiency, manage a wide range of technologies inhouse as well as own both clothing production and clothes sewing facilities to bring any project to life with highest quality standards and attention to details.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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