Audimas Supply: 2021 will be the year of sustainability

For the past several years sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply has been continuously focused on the development of sustainable practices in their production processes. As Environmental and Social responsibility are important points in Audimas Supply strategy, company has set the goal to start the year strong, and has already presented several projects to tackle these questions. To elevate their standards Audimas Supply , a sustainable clothes manufacturer, is aiming to integrate successful international practices. The plan is to bring these standards across all production routes. As a clothing manufacturer Audimas  Supply  goal is to offer its clients a more responsible and accountable approach, with results that they can trust.

Higg Index – evaluation of sustainability and eco-friendliness across all production phases

One of the pillars in Audimas Supply  sustainability plan is the implementation of Higg Index measurement in production process. The Higg Index is an apparel and footwear industry self-assessment standard for assessing environmental and social sustainability throughout the supply chain. It is internationally recognized and has become increasingly popular.

Developed by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, the Higg Index is a range of tools that enable brands, manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and other various size facilities to accurately measure their company or product’s sustainability performance during every phase of their process. The goal here is to offer a holistic overview that will allow businesses to evaluate their current practices and make impactful improvements to their supply chain whilst protecting the well-being of their employees, local communities and the environment.

Higg Index consists of the following areas:

  • Water use,
  • Wastewater effluent,
  • Energy & GHG emissions
  • Waste management,
  • Emissions to air,
  • Use of chemicals.

To ensure smooth implementation of Higg Index among all Audimas Supply  departments, company has developed a thorough action plan, which involves specialists from all related fields. In addition, some business partners, such as service and materials suppliers are involved to support this development process. Key goal is to effectively evaluate the current environmental and social sustainability situation and prepare an effective plan for the improvement of current practices.

Global Recycled Standard (GRS) – more effective measurement of recycled materials

GRS is an international, voluntary, full product standard used to measure and assess the level of recycled content in a final product. This standard is applied to the entire supply chain to verify responsible social, environmental and chemical practices in their production.

GRS goals are to:

  • Reduce the negative impact on society as well as the environment,
  • Ensure a more sustainable recycling process,
  • Increase the share of recycled products.

GRS also entails certification, which requires to identify products, that can be named as recycled. For a product to be counted as recycled, a larger portion of its content has to be made from recycled materials in addition to proving that sustainable practices are being ensured throughout the entire supply chain. Certification process involves audit for both the product and the manufacturer.

Audimas Supply setting the path of sustainability in the region

Audimas Supply as one of the leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers in the region regards sustainability as a key direction for their business and community development as it influences environmental thriving, financial growth as well as social wellbeing. As a company Audimas Supply believes that it is their responsibility to manage their business in way that would bring value to the company as well as the clients while being environmentally conscious and focused on the wellbeing of society.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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