What is an ODM collection?

Original design manufacturing (ODM) collection is an efficient and professional solution for customized clothing manufacturing. Audimas ODM collection’s core is simplicity, versatility, and comfort.

As an experienced private label clothing producer as well as a contract manufacturer for many years in the industry, Audimas Supply answers today’s market needs for ODM products.

Audimas Supply ODM Collection

Audimas employs a team of highly skilled professionals’ that manage the entire process of development and production from designers, pattern makers, technicians to production specialists, material purchasers, quality managers and many others.

All of the teams work towards the same goal – quality products, appreciated by clients and enjoyed by customers.

Currently Audimas is offering two fully developed ODM collections to choose from: Basic and Pro, with a third one – ODM Bike, currently in development.

Due to our many years of experience and know-how as a sportswear and outdoor wear manufacturer, all of the garments in our ODM collection are well-fitted and made from tested premium fabrics.

How does it work?

ODM collection offers endless options for customization according to one’s needs. All of the designs have already been perfected by highly qualified Audimas specialists.

For clients searching for private label clothing manufacturers partnerships, choosing ODM services is a smart move, which allows to focus on product quality, fabric design and manage production time as well as manufacturing process in a well-organized, time-sensitive manner.

When choosing to work with an experienced ODM collection manufacturer one does not have to worry any more about the design and pattern creation, development and fit testing. Audimas has already taken care of this process, which saves you valuable time and costs.

Instead, your time can be dedicated to the selection of the right colors, fabrics, design details, small things that make your product special and appreciated. For higher garment customization, sublimation option is available, providing a quality printing process, which results in a permanent, full color image which will not decay with time due to wear.

At the moment, Audimas is also preparing a selection of sustainable fabrics, that would be suitable with the current collection.

In short, the simplest way to work with an ODM collection manufacturer is to choose the style, color, add any printing customization and the product will be yours.

What are the many advantages of choosing ODM collection manufacturing?

Choosing an experienced clothes manufacturer, such as Audimas, having long-term experience in sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturing, one chooses quality and ease of mind, that production will go according to plan.

In addition to shorter lead time ODM benefits include:

  • Simple production process as the hard part of design and pattern development has already been taken care of by a team of professionals.
  • There a no R&D costs, as the designs are ready for production.
  • It’s easy to customize according to your needs – printing, logos, etc.
  • Your collection can be complimented with already developed products in a short period of time, avoiding high costs.
  • No additional costs for equipment or tools, as they are taken care of by the private label clothing manufacturer.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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