What does the future of Sports and Outdoor in 2021 look like? ISPO Munich Online International Sports Fair

Factory Audimas – one of the leading sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers in Europe pays a lot of attention to newest trends in the industry. For the last fifteen years Audimas has been attending one of the most important events in Sports and Outdoor, ISPO. In 2021 this event, same as many others, will be taking place online. ISPO Munich Online will take place on 2021 February 1-5, as a digital trade show. It will feature separated areas for expo and conference activities, subject to trade visitors as well as some public streams available to anyone interested, accessible without conference tickets.

It is an important event for many reasons – as it not only presents newest collections from prominent brands, but also showcases innovations, new technologies. It is as important to new emerging brands as it is to already experienced clothes manufacturers, brands, designers and other industry players.

Online Expo area will feature many international brands, presenting their current collections and newest advancements in sportswear and outdoors clothing. This part of the conference is crucial to all participants and visitors to feel the pulse of the industry, see emerging trends in production and consumer demand as well as technological innovation. In addition, networking has always been a major part of ISPO fairs. For Audimas, as a sportswear manufacturer, this event is highly important to stay in touch with current international partners, meet with clients, as well as find new collaboration opportunities and build relationships for potential future projects.

As this year the conference is organized in a new format, discussions and key topics are very well thought out and focus on the most relevant, pressing questions in the industry. Each day has its main topic, followed by workshops, masterclasses and more engaging activities like lectures, talks or panel discussions taking place in the afternoons, while evenings are featuring free broadcasts for all fans of the field. Topics that Audimas is most interested in and looks forward to engage during the conference will be those closest to everyday focus areas. “Innovations and Creativity” topic on the first day of the conference, starting with inspiration and best practices how to overcome current day challenges will be of particular interest. However, even more important is the second day, which will feature a very important focus on “Digitalization & Sportstech Conference Europe.” During it, the role of digitalization of commerce will be discussed touching on questions like what new challenges it will present, what are the best practices to continue growth as well as some more alternative topics like eSports. In addition, fourth day is also very relevant to Audimas, as it will be focused on sustainability practices, a field, which is already highly advanced among sportswear and outdoor manufacturers. Audimas has continuously developed their production to offer more sustainable solutions for their clients, therefore conversations regarding future standards and practices are expected to be very interesting.

ISPO is led by the belief that sports should be a central driver of growth, change, better physical and mental health. Sports and Outdoor have never been more relevant than in the past year and will continue to grow their importance in our near future. Amidst massive changes, ISPO is inviting industry players to adapt to changing situation and build meaningful connections – through discussions, learning from one another, sharing best practices and creating opportunities for brand collaborations, technological and production innovation, new product development and more.

Factory Audimas, as an innovative sportswear manufacturer, focused on sustainable production processes, always striving to bring new technological solutions, optimize their way of work and offer highest quality products for the clients, is very excited to attend ISPO Munich Online and plans to participate actively in both networking as well as discussion parts.

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