Sportwear manufacturer Audimas Supply is launching DTG printing

Audimas Supply, one of the most advanced sportswear manufacturers in Europe, ends the year with an innovative and exciting limited edition Christmas jumper collection. To produce this line, they have added a new technological advancement enhancing their product portfolio. Another state-of-the-art technology for Audimas Supply Printing&Embroidery department has been acquired to accommodate new design ideas for the last quarter of the year. Since clothes manufacturer Audimas Supply already offers in-house printing technologies such as heat transfers, direct screen printing, sublimation, embossing/debossing and embroidery, DTG – direct to garment printing technology was the natural next step.

Direct to garment printing is the newest process in textile printing, when a garment is fixed in place and a special printer prints the chosen design directly on a singular garment. This process works well on a variety of popular fabrics – cotton, linen, silk, jean and is accessible for different stages of production, whether working with pre-sewn or already finished garments. DTG technology offers flexibility in both garment production as well as design, providing extensive options for customization by the consumer. Because DTG is a digital printing process with a very smooth coverage, it offers a high-quality print with higher resolution and sharpness, which can be easily seen by the amount of texture and small details featured in Audimas Supply Christmas collection.

DTG printer addition to Audimas Supply technology range is presented with a newly launched Christmas jumper collection, inspiring customers to co-create and choose the classic jumper model, its color as well as the limited-edition Christmas themed print and even a quote, if chosen. The collection has been influenced by a variety of Christmas spirit associations, warm festive memories, shared and beloved experiences, not forgetting familiar shapes and symbols.

Garment printing customization – future of customer centric industry

Clothing factory Audimas Supply Christmas sweater collection invites to both share joy and warmth with others, as well as create a personalized, close to ones’ heart, memory. It is more than just clothes sewing, such projects as this year’s Audimas Christmas initiative showcases the next step in garment development and culture. The future in garment production is all about customization, customer and their experience. What is more important, DTG not only delivers a high-quality product, but also offers a more sustainable clothing production process.

The mentioned role which DTG plays in a more sustainable garment production is the reduction of production scale. As printing and calibration is done individually and can be used for a singular product finishing, it results in a relatively low cost as well as reduction of surplus inventory. As one of the largest clothes manufacturers in Europe, Audimas Supply takes responsibility to research and use more sustainable solutions, such as the discussed DTG – which enables clothes production process to follow already expressed customer demand.

Clothes manufacturer Audimas Supply is constantly innovating and improving employed technology to offer best quality while paying close attention to the trends of the industry, as well as their customer base opinions and needs. Success of this collection indicates that the clothes and sportswear manufacturing leader in Europe Audimas’ initiative and example will continue to inspire and motivate the popularity of DTG method. Due to the highly positive public reaction to the customer choice and customization of Christmas jumpers, clothing factory Audimas plans to offer printing and personalization options using DTG for their main original design collections in 2021.

Factory Audimas Supply specializes in high quality performance products

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