COVID-19 inspires Audimas Supply innovation in new business areas

Since the start of novel COVID-19 virus pandemic personal protective equipment industry has faced a constant need for growth, improvement and development. Largest clothes manufacturer Audimas Supply reacted to the situation without delay by gathering an expert team to tackle the issue and offer protective equipment for health professionals as well as the public. Company’s position as the leader in the development, design, and manufacturing of sports and active lifestyle apparel allowed flexibility to evaluate and adapt to changing needs. Since the demand for PPE products, certified by European EN standards, remains high both locally and globally, clothing factory Audimas Supply continues to develop and innovate in this field.

In spring PPE articles production project together with the Ministry of Health of The Republic of Lithuania has been executed at record speed – products were produced and received certification within two months. As Audimas Supply Product Sales Manager Inga Galisauskiene commented “It was not difficult to develop an entirely new product catalog, and it was delivered very effectively due to partnership with experienced specialists at National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health, whom we thank for all of their consulting work.” Range included gowns, coveralls, protective shoe covers and face shields. All of the personal protection articles were produced from European sourced materials, following standards of EU 2016/425 regulation.

Following this project Audimas Supply has been actively working with other markets to deliver innovation and expand their business areas. Due to expertise in functional clothing Audimas Supply has been able to utilize their currently used technologies and has developed an entire certified PPE product range:

  • coverall with sealed seams against chemical and infective agents (certified PPE category: III, Type 6B by EN 13034 and class 6, class 3 by EN 14126 requirements),
  • coverall against chemical and infective agents (certified PPE category: III, Type 6B by EN 13034 and class 6, class 3 by EN 14126 requirements)
  • and protective gown against infective agents (certified PPE category: III, Type PB6-B and class 6, class 3 by EN 14126 requirements).

Most recent product range has been achieved through a successful collaboration with partners from Italy. Italian manufacturers ITTTAI S.R.L. supplied certified materials, while Audimas Supply led the project by managing development of the range and production processes. Products are certified according to “Regulation (EU) 2016/425 of the European Parliament and of the Council” of 9th March 2016 on Personal Protective Equipment and repealing Council Directive 89/686/EEC by CENTROCOT laboratory in Italy.

In addition to collaboration with public health system, clothes and sportswear manufacturer Audimas Supply launched reusable protective face masks, quickly followed by antibacterial face masks.

Audimas Supply , largest clothes manufacturer in Baltics, is actively collaborating with foreign partners to deliver highest quality innovative solutions for health professionals as well as the public. Another recent collaboration was a project with German partners Statex, supplying Shieldex materials. As a result clothes manufacturer Audimas Supply introduced protective face masks with copper. Since the need for antibacterial face masks has surged, this product category is expected to grow and gain more popularity among casual users. Choosing more innovative, researched solutions such as nano copper covered protective face masks has become more important to the everyday mask wearers, looking for higher quality overall protection. Consequently, antibacterial face masks are becoming the new standard for conscious everyday users.

Clothing factory Audimas Supply ability to transform their production and focus in a record time has contributed to their growth and successful development of critically required products. Collaborations with innovative material manufacturers during the pandemic have paved the way for the sportswear and functional clothing leader to continue developing new and improved solutions in personal protective equipment field. Due to successful projects, further company growth is planned locally as well as in other European markets.

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