Energy savings also help to improve working conditions

Sustainability appeared on our priorities list a decade ago and it continues to be the constant goal of our everyday life. Clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply started to strive for it from changes within the company: production facilities have been replaced with more efficient and effective ones, solar energy solutions have been implemented, conventional lighting was started to be replaced by LED one.

Back in 2013, the company decided to invest in solar energy solutions. Currently, the part of the electricity required by the company is being produced by two solar power plants, installed on the roof of clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply production units in Jonava and Kaunas, Lithuania. Another part of the needed electricity is purchased by the company from an independent electricity supplier, which guarantees the supply of exclusively green electricity.

The current world economy is based on electricity, which is needed in all areas without exception. The production and usage of electricity are responsible for 2/3 of the total CO₂ emission to the atmosphere. Although the situation is improving, today a large part of electricity and heat is still produced from fossil fuels. By choosing to use clean electricity, clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply has the opportunity to contribute to the environment, change the situation and at the same time achieve the company’s goals focused on sustainable clothing production.

An energy audit that took place two years ago confirmed that we have chosen the right strategy towards sustainable energy consumption. Such results have encouraged us to make even more investments in environmentally friendly solutions. The decision of changing the conventional lighting to LED one was taken and this was not made just on purpose to save energy.

„Lighting plays a major role in people’s productivity and well-being, so we were concerned that the new system would create better working conditions for the company’s employees. Another important aspect is the environmental friendliness. Compared to conventional lamps, LED luminaires last longer, therefore they reduce the amount of hazardous waste, ” Laura Kuliešienė, Quality Manager of Audimas Supply, says.


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