Protective face masks have become a crucial item over time following the appearance of the novel Covid-19 virus. Knowing that the anti-viral properties of copper surfaces have been firmly established by the scientific community, clothing factory Audimas Supply  brand started making antibacterial face masks using fibers infused with Nano copper.

Clothing factory Audimas Supply  Nano copper face masks consist of two layers. The first layer of material is infused with copper ions on the outside. The second layer is made out of polyester fabric with antibacterial treatment to provide as much protection as possible.

These novel protective face masks have shown extremely positive results in comparison to other face masks currently available in the market. Unlike other fibers, fabrics infused with Nano copper ions are self-disinfectant and do not wash-off. Testing shows that Nano copper will preserve its properties throughout the whole lifetime of the product.

Nano copper-infused material is not only anti-viral but is also scientifically proven to be anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal as well, thus it offers overall protection. Copper-infused fibers stay efficacious in all weather conditions and fight a diverse range of harmful microorganisms even in dry or cold weather without ill effects on your health.

Wearing a protective face masks with Nano copper could be even beneficial for one’s overall health since the mineral is an essential element for the normal function of the human body and is usually absorbed either orally or through skin tissue.

Furthermore, copper has skin enhancing properties. It promotes blood vessel development and stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin that helps skin to maintain its shape after stretching or contracting.


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