Rich textile manufacturing
history since 1931

Clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply is one of the biggest and most advanced sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturers in Europe known for high quality products and extensive experience.
Equipped with state-of-the-art modern technology, quickly reacting to new advancements in the field and driving innovation in production, Audimas Supply has been manufacturing clothing for almost a hundred years.
In addition to international work, sportswear and outdoor clothing manufacturer Audimas Supply runs a successful and beloved national brand that dates back to 1997.
We focus on quality and efficiency at every stage – our professional team of 400 loyal and dedicated specialists guides clients during all production stages, while our fully integrated, advanced IT systems guarantee rigorous quality control and effective materials management.
We have established a vast network of more than 250 material suppliers around the world. By using our database our clients have more options and shorter sourcing lead time.
At Audimas Supply , we believe in sustainable, smart and efficient production processes.
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Extensive experience in product prototyping & development

Development is the heart of apparel production. The personal attention of our team will always guide you for the best solutions during all sourcing, development, planning, and production time of your collection.

Numbers speak for themselves

  • 6-8
    weeks for product development
  • 10 000
    SKUs produced per year
  • 900
    styles developed per year

Top-quality manufacturing
at scale

Clothes manufacturer Audimas Supply is solid and experienced to handle large and small production orders with professional 400 employees and smart in-house technologies.
Fully integrated advanced IT systems guarantee rigorous quality control and effective materials management.

Numbers speak for themselves

  • 30 000 000
    sewing minutes per year
  • 1 500 000
    items made per year
  • 1 200 000
    meters of fabric used per year

We specialize in high quality performance products

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